Portugal International Business Meeting III

AIP – CCI, Portuguese Industrial Association -Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized the 3rd edition of the Portugal International Business Meeting.

This event was launched in 2015, with the aim of presenting the Portuguese offer to potential international buyers and investors in order to conquer new markets throughout the world by demonstrating the resilience, quality and capacity of the Portuguese products.

Going Global With Us SERIES – Doing Business in Brazil


  • Population: 210 million (2016)
  • Area: 8,515,770 km2
  • Official language: Portuguese
  • GDP: US$ 2.346 trillion (2014)
  • Major imports: fuels and oils, machinery, electrical equipment, vehicles and vehicle parts, chemicals, plastics, iron and steel
  • Major exports: iron ore, oil, soy beans, sugar cane, coffee, chicken, auto and autoparts, airplanes
  • Largest import partners: USA, China, Argentina, Germany, Japan
    • Singapore is the 4th largest Brazilian trade partner in Asia
    Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL)

    Understanding Brazil

    Federal Republic of Brazil, occupies about half of the land area of South America. Brazil is divided into 26 states and a Federal District, grouped into five regions for administrative and political purposes: the North, the Northeast, the Central West, the Southeast and the South. The population estimated at 206 million (2014), the world’s fifth-largest country and the largest economy in Latin America.