Consulting Services

Focused on market entry, we build strategies for companies to start business and to set up operations overseas. Offering a full range of advisory services, we help small and mid-sized companies to achieve their goals when seeking for new markets and  new clients even when there are budget constraints.

Market intelligence

We provide the information on industries’ market performance, competition analysis, feasibility assessment and legal and regulatory framework. We develop a  set of activities to provide a company with a view of a market, using existing sources of information to show what is defining a market, what are the trends and what competitors are doing.

Business matching services

We help companies find and meet the right parties for their business development, from buyers, sellers, agents, distributors, suppliers and potential local partners. We identify and connect companies through their mutual interests, helping firms to overcome business culture difficulties.

Business representation

Companies can count on us to expand their business into Asia and Latin America markets. As a specialised firm in emergent markets, we know how to conduct your business, acting on your behalf to develop new markets, respecting your company business culture and assuring that all your necessities will be met.